20 Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment 

Are you searching for small business ideas with low investment that can bring you profits in India? 

If YES, you are landed at the right place in this internet world where you find a whirlpool of information. The moto of the entrepreneur is to make profits, he should be wise enough to select a business idea through which he can gain name and fame. Making a right decision on your business idea is a crucial step to your success. To help many budding and to-be entrepreneurs, Earlypad has come with a unique list of small business ideas with low investment in India.   

Here your chance to explore 20 small business ideas in India with small business capital. 

1.Advertising Agency  

For setting up an advertising agency you may require a capital of one lakh, you can find clients from other business and gradually grow your wing to corporate companies.  You can offer blogging services, online paid marketing services for the startups. It is a lucrative business as many companies have started outsourcing their marketing campaign developments to some external ad agencies.  

2.Bakery shop  

This can be an ideal business in every city of India.  Fresh, crispy and creamy cakes, snacks and all edible are always in great demand. Considering the major benefits, starting off a bakery shop is one of the best business ideas. 


Bookshops and cafes has been a big hit in a few metro cities, but most Indian small towns are yet to experiment with this idea. With a growing culture of dating, these bookshop-cafes can prove to be an ideal meeting point to meet a person for the first time. 

4. Event Management 

Event Management/Organizer can be a vast word. You can organizer events related to corporates, wedding or in occasions. It is the greatest idea to showcase your skills and creativity by organizing an event in a unique way to serve people. You will end up having a good earning with a quality extension of your business circle. 

5. Electronic Waste Recycling 

With the usage of electronics increasing, the waste of electronics is pilling. The best way to disrupt the electronics way to go for e-waste recycling. This is another lucrative business but needs some knowledge of electronic devices and how it can be recycled. Once the skilled professionals are in place, this business can yield high returns.  

6. Fitness Instructor 

If you have a fair knowledge of being one’s personal fitness trainer for one’s weight loss can land yourself in another fantastic small business idea. Fitness relevant business appeals careful planning and research. It is an industry which extends to be an advantageous business opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs globally.   

An entrepreneur having knowledge and experience in fitness related activities can initiate this business with reasonable capital investment. 

7.Food Trucks 

Food trucks is being one of the revolutionary business idea in this current trend. Everyone is aware of this concept, ranging from rural, urban to small towns. Food trucks are mobile eating joints that can offer unique cuisines at a reasonable price. The mobility of a food truck allows it to place itself at different locations at an ideal time. For instance, a food truck can park outside a school in the afternoon and later in the evening, outside an office. 

8.Garments Shop  

This is the best business for all genders that can give lucrative returns. The sales are especially high during the festival season. If you already know how to sew and you’re skilled at tailoring or hemming clothes, you could easily turn this skill into a business.  

9.Holistic or “Green” House Cleaning  

Coupled with growing awareness of the importance of eco-friendly cleaners, is contributing to the rise in holistic housecleaners. But if you let your potential customers know you only use natural organic ingredients to safely clean their home, you’re going to stand out.  

10. Interior Designing 

Interior designing is an excellent small business idea option for the individuals who are passionate about design, art, and home decoration. Any individual of any age can start this business from home. A degree of interior designing is always plus to start and run a successful interior designing business. There is some investment required but the returns are good, and this can be taken up as a full-time business. 

11.Ice Cream Parlours 

Ice cream never goes out of demand. A tiny little ice-cream parlour is an ideal low-investment venture. They need minimal space, basic equipment and low-staffing, making it a perfect small investment option. Owners can choose specific themes and types of ice-creams that are not easily available in the city. Ice-cream parlours work great around cinema-theatres or a popular food joints.  

12.Laundry Services 

Laundry services require a relatively higher onetime investment, but the costs can be recovered quickly. Initially, you can lure customers with cheaper yet quality services. A pick and drop service will be essential to spread the reach of your customer base. To attract the eye of customers you might want to offer complementary services like a small cafe or reading room for people who’d like to wait while the washing happens. 

13.Personalized Gifts & Toys Store  

Personalized gifts are the present-day trend. People are showing a special kind of interest to customize their gits to present. You can start a personalized gift and toy store in your local area. Start with a small research by visiting other gift shops and making a small list of your competitors in your vicinity. Plan your investment based on your financial status to give a kick-start for your idea. Plan all the marketing services that you can cover your investment.  


Pre-schools can be opened in small domestic spaces with a onetime investment on safety and educative material. A good pre-school which is innovative in its ways of teaching will surely attract working parents. One strong disclaimer though, owning a pre-school is a huge responsibility and required undivided attention on the children. 

15.Recruitment Services 

Recruitment is all about providing manpower to the corporate organizations. If you are passionate about providing resources/manpower to the organizations, this business idea can land you yielding huge profits. All you need is to get in touch with the organizations who need manpower and with those who are looking for opportunities to work.  

16.Real Estate Consultant  

There is nothing a lot of remunerative than being a true estate adviser/consultant. The commission charged is high, if the property is engaged by the consumer, your returns will increase multiple times.  


Students of all ages need tutors to ace their grades and knowledge. If you are skilled in any area like math, science, social, good with foreign languages, and another subject can land you a good income. There are many online websites that are looking for quality and dedicated tutors. The best way you can succeed in this business by having referrals. This business idea includes small capital or no capital investment to make some serious profit.  

18.Travel Agency  

Incredible India has a vast tourist place that attracts people from the world. All you need is the complete information about the tourist spots such as its history, its culture and famous spots there. The travel industry in India has grown to a large extent in the past few decades and thus gives rise to travels agencies across India.  

19.Waste Paper Recycling  

To start a waste paper recycling business, it requires minimal materials with a low capital. This business is a boom, as it is good for people who want to lay their feet in this line of industry. The margins are very high in this business.  

20. Waste Management Business  

This is a new business idea in the market. Having a business in waste management can give you good returns. The investment is very less, and profits are high.  

Business ideas can be many, unique but the key to success depends on you and how you implement these ideas. Moreover, if you choose a business that you’re interested in, it can be a ton of fun as well.  


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