Earlypad Introduces US Funded Startup AHANA

We all know that US is the largest economy in the world having huge number of startups and tech companies .It has massive venture capital ready to back promising businesses. The US has positioned itself as a perfect place for companies aiming for massive growth.We at Earlypad introduce a US funded startup, Ahana,a presto based analytics startup.

About Startup: Ahana Cloud Inc.

Ahana was founded as the first company focused on bringing PrestoDB-based ad hoc analytics offerings to market and working to foster growth and evangelize the Presto community.

Presto Database

PrestoDB is an open source distributed SQL engine that allows analytics across entire organization. Presto is a federated, distributed SQL query engine that runs on a cluster of machines. It enables interactive, ad-hoc analytics on large amounts of data. Presto enables querying data where it lives, including Hive, AWS S3, Hadoop, Cassandra, relational databases, NoSQL databases, or even proprietary data stores. Presto allows users to access data from multiple sources.

Vision & Mission

Ahana’s mission is to simplify ad hoc analytics for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Founded Date:

Ahana was founded on April 2020


Steven Mih and Dipti Borkar, who collaborated previously at both Alluxio and Couchbase, are the company’s co-founders . Dipti Borkar also seves as chairperson at Presto Foundation.

Funding Status

It is now in the seed stage and has recently announced it  has raised a total of $2.3 Mn in funding over 1 round. in seed funding.This was a seed round raised on June2,2020.

Recent Investors

Ahana is funded by 2 investors. GV and Leslie Ventures are the most recent investors.GV is the venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc and Leslie Ventures,a private investment company based out of Portola Valley, California,USA.


Recent News

Ahana bills itself as the first commercial company focused on PrestoDB. It is focussing on analytics using the open source Presto query engine, and it has raised $2.25M in seed funding .

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