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We believe Business is not easy. You need to enjoy your work and feel passionate about the problem you are fixing so you can sell your idea to others. Whether it’s an initial period or an expansion phase for a business, it requires funding in its journey. We at Earlypad are introducing an active investor profile in our Funders Gallery to help startup founders with ready to access information.


Naveen is the founder of InMobi. His philosophy of constant innovation and disruption is embedded deep into the DNA of InMobians and is resonated across InMobi. His dream is to re-imagine advertising in a truly ‘user-first’ way and unlock the true potential of the mobile ecosystem.

Naveen is involved in the fueling of around 30 start-ups as yet in India and has personally invested and supported several start-ups like NestAway, SlideRule, Mettl, Moneysights, Bombay Canteen, Zimmber, Razorpay etc. 

Professional Accomplishments

>Future Leaders Award’ presented by Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister, 2015

>Fortune’s ‘40 under 40’ most powerful, influential and important people in business, 2015

>The ‘Pathbreaker of the Year’ Award, 2014

>Forbes India Leadership Award for ‘Outstanding Start Up’, 2014

>‘100 Most Creative People’, 2014 across the world

>The ‘Pathbreaker of the Year’ Award, 2013 presented by Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister

>‘7th Most Important Person’ by Business Insider’s the Mobile Power List, 2013

>‘Mobile Top 50’ in The Drum, 2013

>‘2nd Most Important Person’ by Business Insider’s the Mobile Power List, 2012

Companies Invested

Naveen Tiwari made 13 investments. Klub, Kaarva, PiggyRide, Dextra, Woopl,Spring Board, Indus OS, Zimmber, Razorpay and Lets Venture are his portfolio investments.

Most Recent Investment

heir latest investment is Pre Seed Round-Klub on Jan 14, 2020.

Advise by Funder to Founders

The startup veteran, who launched InMobi in 2008, has an important piece of advice for all entrepreneurs: ‘say no to rapid growth’. A common ask from investors, it is not a true measure of success, Naveen believes.

Naveen urges entrepreneurs to stay cautious of explosive growth.

“We’ve seen the blitz growth and we know it doesn’t mean anything because sustainable growth is what really matters. So I think there is a message out there to every other entrepreneur to try and be more secure about some of these things,” he says.

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