A teacher for the students with ideas

An extended team for the people in mid-life with successful careers but not able to pursue their dreams as they can’t quit the job or have time.

Before we talk about how Earlypad can do all this for you allow me to talk about a concept called, “One for the Kitchen and One for the Soul”.

A start up is always a demanding venture and apart from everything else that it demands, money is something that is all time necessary. Money is something that may or may not be available and there is a very thin chance that it will be available at the point of time you need it. So what can be done in order to fund your start up that you want to work on from all your heart? Most of the time people complain that they want to quit what they are doing and pursue what they have dreamt of doing since long back but the biggest problem faced at this point is, for some, if they leave what they are doing their source of income is hindered, for some they directly want to do what they love but don’t have the funding and for some, they have a fantastic idea but they don’t know how to start.

First, take a sticky note, write down what you actually want to do, and be very specific and paste it on the mirror. Being specific helps you know where it will lead you to.

Your start up in the initial phase may not fetch you enough money, so in order to put money in your start up you have to do something that you might like or might dislike even and this one is One for the Kitchen. Whatever you are doing is just to keep your kitchen running and to fund your dream. Keep doing it even if you are bad at it because if you keep doing something for long enough, you will be good at it and when you are good at it remember Joker from Dark Knight, “If you are good at something never do it for free”, and that’s how you start earning money. Not everybody is good at everything nor you can satisfy everybody, so negotiate on your territory and play up to your strengths. Always remember, Time is a cost so manage it well, do not focus much on the competition, opportunities are everywhere and there is no substitute to hard work. Everybody heard the story of an ant climbing up the wall, and sometimes these little stories really mean a lot because they teach you important life lessons. It doesn’t matter how hard you are hit, it matters how many times you can get up and start walking again no matter how hard you are hit.

One for the Soul means what you have always dreamt of doing, your start up and this is where Earlypad steps in, to nurture your soul. At Earlypad we strive to make your start up a success story. We help you to dream specific because being specific breaks down your journey in to small steps, as we all know journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Being specific helps you choose the right path we at Earlypad are a ready-made team that will help you at every corner of the road taken. Your ambition will make other people more ambitious which can lead to an overall growth and that is what Earlypad focuses on.